Terms and Conditions

Sailing Miles.

Sailing Miles is a division of Award Learning Services Ltd.


A request to book a sailing berth by telephone will result in Sailing Miles holding the berth for the customer for 7days after which time the customer must deliver a booking form and deposit to confirm the booking. Failure to receive the booking confirmation within the 7day period will release that berth for other customers.
On receipt of a posted or e-mailed booking form and deposit paid to Sailing Miles, followed by the delivery of an acceptance e-mail a contract will have been formed between Sailing Miles and the customer.
A deposit of £100 per person is required when confirming bookings which must be accompanied by a signed and completed booking form.
Deposits are non refundable.
When booking a berth for sailing that takes place within 1 calendar month, payment must be received in full. Full payment for sailing must be received within 1 calendar month of the sailing.
Cheques should be made payable to Award Learning Services Ltd and posted to Sailing Miles, Woodmans, 29 Steeple Road, Southminster, Essex, CM0 7BD.
Bank transfer to Award Learning Services Ltd. Nat West Bank, Sort Code: 600513, Account Number 20813244


Customers cancelling up to 1 calendar month before the sailing booked will forfeit their deposit. Customers cancelling within 1 calendar of the sailing booked shall be liable for the full cost of the sailing.
Sailing Miles reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time. In the unlikely event of this happening Sailing Miles will offer a full refund. Sailing Miles will not be liable for any other costs the customer might have incurred.


All customers must be in good physical health, sufficient to cope with rough weather at sea, at the start of the sailing. Customers are advised to consult their doctor if they are in any doubt about their physical or medical fitness to participate in sailing, before making a booking to sail.
By booking sailing the customer accepts that there are risks involved with sailing and that it is the customers responsibility to decide to take these risks and that they are physically and medically fit to participate in sailing. If at any time during the sailing the customer decides that they are no longer fit to participate in sailing the customer accepts that it is their responsibility to inform the skipper.
Before setting sail, all customers agree to inform the skipper of any form of medication they are taking. Customers on medication should bring twice the amount of medication they would normally require for the duration of the sailing. Half of this medication should be handed to the skipper in a clear waterproof bag so that it can be kept as a reserve by the skipper should it be required in the case of an emergency.

SAFETY and Conduct

All customers agree that from the time of meeting their skipper and through to the end of the sailing event, in accordance with marine practice, the skipper’s decisions are always final.All customers agree to accept all orders and decisions given to them by the skipper at all times whilst on board or ashore, for the duration of the sailing. This agreement shall continue to be in place in the event of the sailing extending beyond the period booked by the customer, whilst the customer remains onboard.
If a customer fails to accept an order from the skipper, irrespective of whether the customer finds the order reasonable or not, the customer shall be in breach of this safety and conduct agreement. When a customer is in breach of this safety and conduct agreement, the skipper may take any action or decision for the well-being of the yacht and other crew. If the customer is placed ashore for being in breach of the safety and conduct agreement, neither
the skipper or Sailing Miles will be liable whatsoever, and the customer will have no redress, for
any expense or unused portion of the sailing fee paid by the customer.


Sailing Miles reserves the right to make changes to the advertised sailing programme or craft.
All destinations are subject to weather conditions prevailing at the time of sailing and the ports sailed to will be the decision of the skipper. Where the yacht is unable to reach either the advertised port of departure or arrival at the
beginning or end of a planned sailing activity, the customers will be informed at least 24hours before the start or end of their booked sailing event of the new port of departure or arrival. When a different port of departure or arrival is used for a sailing event, neither the skipper or Sailing Miles will be liable whatsoever, and the customer will have no redress, for any additional expense or inconvenience incurred or paid by the customer.


Customer agree to the Yacht and accommodation allocated to them.

Sailing Miles is not responsible for any loss or damage to customers personal possessions. Either those taken onboard or those left in any vehicle parked ashore during the duration of the sailing. Sailing Miles is not responsible for any vehicle or its parking fees whilst the vehicle is left ashore by the customer sailing with Sailing miles.


A parent or legal guardian must accompany all under eighteens participating in sailing with Sailing Miles.


Prices for sailing include accommodation on board, all meals on board except evening meals taken ashore, all race entry fees, diesel gas and marina fees. A lifejacket with harness is provided for all customers.


Waterproof clothing, meals taken ashore, local tourist tax’s, travel to the departure and arrival port of the yacht. All customers should make their own travel arrangements.


On the start date of sailing to a foreign port, or into foreign waters, customers must have at least six months remaining on their passport. Any customer with a Non European Union Passport must ensure they have any necessary visas. British Citizens must carry a valid EH 1C when travelling abroad.


Customers are required to obtain and carry onboard full travel/holiday insurance against travel delays and cancellations, sickness, illness, loss of booking fees, as well as insurance covering illness or accidents and loss of personal equipment whilst on board.


The skipper will aim to give customers maximum sailing time. However, the skipper will take into consideration, weather conditions, crew skills and experience and other safety considerations when making decisions to go sailing, or to continue to sail. The skipper’s decision will be final.


The customer agrees that, howsoever caused, all breakages and damage to the yacht and its equipment must immediately be notified to the skipper so he can assess the yacht for safety.  Customers will be liable for any loss or damage to the yacht and its equipment up to the first £150.00 per item.


Whilst sailing, if the customer is unhappy about anything they should tell the skipper. If the skipper is unable to resolve the problem then the customer should contact the Sailing Miles Director who’s office contact numbers will be available on the yacht.
If the problem remain unresolved the customer should write to The Director, Sailing Miles, Woodmans, 29 Steeple Road, Southminster, Essex, CM0 7BD Please explain; the problem, who you told of the problem, what was done or not done and what you would now like done.
If the customer is not satisfied with the directors response and in the event of a dispute not being settled by mutual agreement, the customer and Sailing miles agree that the President of the British Law Society shall elect an Arbitrator whose decision shall be final.


The customer and Sailing miles agree that all agreements between customers, clients and staff of Sailing Miles shall be governed by British Law, even when the dispute occurs outside British territorial waters.


Customers and potential customers contacting Sailing miles agree that Sailing Miles may hold their information on file and contact them with future offers, news and product information. Customers and potential customers may inform Sailing Miles by email or in writing that they no longer want to receive such information. Sailing Miles agree not to share personal details with anyone else, (unless required to do so by law)