Autumn Day Racing Series

This series of 8 races over 6 days spread across the weekends of September and October are an excellent way to get an introduction to yacht racing or top off the season at very little cost.

Races take place around the cans in the Blackwater Estuary and last approximately 2 hours. We’ll be on the water at least an hour before the start and run through a few maneuvers before taking to the line.

Autumn Day Racing Series

Join the boat at the waterside, get your weekly fix of racing and a drink at the bar and still be home in time for dinner with the family.


September, 13th, 27th

October, 4th, 11th, 17th, 24th

On each day join the boat early for a full 4 hours of sailing

This event will be run from our base at Bradwell marina.

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Call Us 01245 330023
Call Us 01245 330023


What’s included: All safety equipment, warm drinks onboard, marina and race fees, diesel, race instruction and skipper.

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