Fastnet Campaign 2015

Within 26 minutes of entries opening for the Fastnet race this season, all places had been snapped up, a true indication of the popularity of this famous race.

Sailing Miles are lucky to have their boat McGregor IV entered into the race and we only have 2 crew places left to allocate. This is your chance to compete in this challenging race against some of the top professional race boats and committed corinthian race teams.

fastnet1We’ll be racing in class 4 up against other sailing school boats and boats of a similar size, but before we can take to the start at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes, we first have to qualify by racing offshore for more than 300 miles.

Our campaign therefore includes 6 weekends of sail training followed by the week in which we’ll complete the 607 mile race from the Solent to Plymouth via the Fastnet Rock off the tip of Ireland.

Our training campaign will allow you to build your crew skills and offshore racing confidence so that you become an integral member of the team capable of driving the boat fast, whilst maintaining the safety of yourself and everyone else on board.

The campaign:

25th – 26th April Bradwell Marina. Training on Saturday followed by an Inshore Race on Sunday

9th – 10th May Bradwell Marina. An Offshore Race on Saturday followed by an Inshore Race on Sunday

15th – 18th May * North Sea Race (Fri & Mon required off work) 180m Qualifier Harwich to Scheveningen. Cruise return.

12th – 15th June * East Coast Race (Fri & Mon reqd off work) 120m Qualifier Burnham to Ostend. Cruise return.

10th – 13th July * Cowes – St Malo Race (Fri & Mon reqd off work) 150m Qualifier. Cruise return.

8th – 9th August Bradwell to Portsmouth 2 day none stop delivery race training.

15th – 22nd August Fastnet Race (1 week required off work)

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Call Us 01245 330023
Call Us 01245 330023


What’s included: Race Skipper and 1st Mate. Race campaign management, race entry fees, marina fees, diesel, food and provisioning onboard, training.

What’s not included: Personal Insurance, PLBeacon, Travel to and from vessel. Food taken ashore.

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