Racing miles means that invariably you’ll sail more wind angles, tidal currents and sea states than perhaps you would just going out for a cruise on the same day. Navigating around a course, especially a ’round the cans’ course, requires rapid decision making and constant sail trimming in order to keep the boat ahead of your competitors.

Yacht Racing
Yacht Racing

Choosing the right sail for the next leg often means putting a reef in for a short offshore leg, only to shake it out just before the start of the next downwind leg, when you’ll then hoist the spinnaker and drop the jib.

These constantly changing factors help build sailing skills rapidly as well as developing good crew teamwork and seamanship.

When you’re Racing Miles with us, we’ll make sure that your experience is built progressively. We recognise that in order to be a good cockpit crew member or helm you have to understand the role of the foredeck crew and mastman, so when sailing on one of our race teams we’ll rotate you around the different roles on the boat.

Where To Start?

If you’re between RYA sailing courses and want to improve your skills and miles, or want to learn your sailing in a competitive environment rather than a cruising environment, then either our Summer or Autumn racing series would be a suitable place to start.

Racing Progression.

As you increase your sail racing skills inshore a natural progression is to take part in longer offshore races such as the ones organised by the East Anglian Offshore Racing Association and Royal Ocean Racing Club. Sailing Miles offshore yacht racing team participates in these events including the famous Fastnet race.

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Mix it Up!

After, and between your racing with us, then formalise your learning by completing one of our RYA courses.

Our Skippers

Our skippers are looking forward to Racing Miles with you and helping  you to develop your sailing and navigation skills.

Build your personal sailing season, training schedule or race campaign by selecting your Sailing Miles from our menus

Our skippers look forward to Sailing Miles with you, Sailing Essex and beyond.