Sailing miles isn’t the only way to build experience, but when you’re Sailing Miles with us, we’ll make sure that your experience is built on sound practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

The techniques that our instructors and skippers employ, ensure that you quickly build confidence, whether its learning to tie a fender on during your very first day on a boat, or developing advanced sail trimming techniques to reduce offshore passage times, we’ll help you progress.

Passing on skills and knowledge

Where To Start?

One thing we’ve learned about the way that we train is that everyone doesn’t start at the same place, neither does everyone have the same sailing ambitions.

For some, starting on the RYA Start Yachting course and then progressing through the scheme to achieve the RYA Day Skipper certificate is the right way to go, but for others learning to sail as part of a racing team, or joining the crew on our cruises is just as appropriate.

Whether you’re on one of our courses, a cruise, or participating in a regatta on one of our race teams, our skippers will be helping you to learn how to sail.


Mix it Up!

After, and between your RYA courses, build your Sailing Miles by joining us on cruises and races. It won’t only be miles that your building in your logbook, frequent sailing helps to consolidate what you’ve learned on a course and extends your skills and experience further.

Our Skippers

Our skippers are looking forward to sharing Sailing Miles with you and will be on hand to help you develop your sailing and navigation skills.

Build your personal sailing season, training schedule or race campaign by selecting your Sailing Miles from our menus

Our skippers look forward to Sailing Miles with you, Sailing Essex and beyond.